2003 – Medical Trailer at the Races

For the next year, the new Mule was hauled to races by several people, but most notably, Scott Swinehart, in the Bridgestone/ EBC Brake trailer.  In 2003, the first Asterisk Mobile Medical Center was added to the pro pits. Asterisk had branded a truck and small trailer to support the mule, supplies and some privacy for services.  The crew had grown to include Eddie Casillas, our Certified Athletic Trainer and a Registered Nurse when possible.  Most help was volunteer, but a small fund from donations paid travel expenses for Eddie.  AMA provided a driver and Asterisk added the truck expenses to their donation.   In two years, services were consistent through an alliance between Asterisk and the AMA, who was supported by factories and small individual donors.  Professional Supercross and Motocross stepped forward as the first in our sport with a dedicated, staffed, mobile emergency center.