2023 Team

We are very fortunate to have AMA Medical Director, Dr. John “Doc” Bodnar leading our team as the Medical Director of the Alpinestars Mobile Medical Unit.  Our Crew members are riders and enthusiasts and many have been with us since the program began.

Alpinestars Mobile Medical Unit is committed to support the safety of professional racing, reducing injuries and encouraging advancements in prevention and protection.

Tom Carson
Chief of Staff
John “Doc” Bodnar, MD
Medical Director
Christopher Alexander, MD
Lead Physician
Paul Reiman, MD
Lead Physician
Kevin Caperton, MD
James Kennedye, MD
Anthony De Hoyos, ATC
Certified Athletic Trainer
Heather Hutchins, RN
Registered Nurse
Monica Ramsey, RN
Registered Nurse
Jennifer Ferrence, RN
Registered Nurse
Lisa Mackie, RN
Registered Nurse
Dann Raible, RN,
Registered Nurse
Kellie Ruhl, RN
Registered Nurse
Darby Brauning, RN, EMTP
Trackside Support
Chad Arnold
EMT / Paramedic
Danny Goranson, EMT-P
Flight Paramedic
Michael Utz, Paramedic
Andy Ney
EMT / Paramedic
Rodney Duncan
Professional Driver
Joanne Pryor
Admin & Accounting