1998 – 2000 Just Talk

By, 1999 the industry was talking about having medical help beyond the traditional ambulance services.   Several physicians around the country were common volunteers at Professional races, working whenever they could if a race was near.  They would show up with their medical bag and run with the ambulance people.  Some teams or organizations would sponsor a doctor for the weekend, but it was hit or miss with support at less than half of the events nationally.  Dr. John “Doc” Bodnar was one of those Doctors and because Southern California was a center for Pro racing, he was able to attend several times during a series.  All of the riders knew him and were relieved when a familiar face was helping.

Todd Jendro, manager of the Live Nations Supercross series had his eyes open for anything that would help the riders and promote a safer event and was encouraged by the conversations.  The American Motorcyclist Association was equally interested in seeing this happen; however, no one had stepped up with a plan or took the lead.

Tom Carson, a retired pro racer and rider representative for Asterisk heard the same story from his riders and factory team managers.  If injured, they would have to leave a race, visit a local emergency hospital and spend hours and lots of money to just to get a diagnosis.  Tom put the numbers together and approached the owners of Asterisk, Jim and Dave Castillo and received a commitment to sponsor a Physician through the series.  By 2000, Tom had created an outline for a program of Medical care that could be accomplished with support from factories, sponsors, and promoters.  What started in conversation and the notes on Tom’s desk became the blueprint that is today’s Medic Rig, a one of a kind state-of-the-art onsite mobile facility.

  • A traveling Physician to support riders and offer consistent emergency care.
  • Safe patient transportation for difficult terrain.
  • A dedicated traveling trailer to carry medical equipment, supplies and offer a headquarters for the Dr. and  volunteers.
  • Additional support staff to provide specialized care and implement safety standards for the Sport.
  • A full team style Medical facility to join the series’ and keep it at the forefront of research and information.